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TeachPro - We tutor Reading & Math for grades K-12.


$17/Hour Tutoring

This is what you are buying:

  • An assessment test that identifies current student mastery. It provides an accurate starting place for tutoring. *
  • A professional lesson plan created from the test results.
  • Curricula necessary to achieve lesson plan success.
  • Professional teachers.
  • 2:1 Student to Teacher ratio.
  • An online portal with a white board and more. All sessions are recorded for the parents.

*The test has a one-time $25 fee. No other hidden costs.





The following are key points of difference for TeachPro:


A. Validity Report

  • TeachPro provides it’s results in a professional 3rd party validity report. TeachPro’s results are the best we have found online.


B. Choosing the right tutoring company

  • Parents often assume all tutoring companies are equal. They are not. To help parents select a good tutoring company, we have a tab in this website with questions to ask any tutoring company.


C. Study Skills

  • TeachPro tutoring sessions start with five minutes of Study Skills management. Poor study habits are the main cause of poor grades. Teaching good study habits is the best way we can help students stay on grade level after graduating from our tutoring program.



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